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tv   Eyewitness News 530  ABC  March 15, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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a woman facing serious charges after police say she crashed into a school bus packed with kids. why investigators say that crash is now the least of her worries. >> that 21-year-old suspect took off from the scene. >> they found her a short time tree. mel, they told you the injuries weren't serious, but the charges are. >> reporter: they told me as soon as this suspect left the scene, this became a criminal case. >> reporter: 21-year-old ashley steerington is facing charges after she first crashed this
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avenue, running up the sidewalk and into the side of a school bus. this morning one of the adults aboard that bus made a call to 911. >> i don't think she hit the bus she came up beside us. >> reporter: the bus was struck. and a 7-year-old elementary student was transported to the hospital as a precaution after the child complained of neck pain. but police say after speaking briefly with the bus driver, steerington left the scene. one of the children had already snapped a photo of the suspect and the truck she was driving. >> they got the tag number, took pictures of the vehicle. >> reporter: the suspect vehicle didn't get far. police tell us she crashed again. this time into a tree along us-1 before she went to the hospital. first scene. >> she said she was scared and she fled. >> reporter: as soon as she is
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headed to the county jail. and in addition to a charge of leaving the scene of a crash, she is also charged with possession of an illegal substance. a mother got so upset when a teacher asked for her id that she resorted to physical violence. this happened in january. the staff didn't recognize her or her cousin's car so they asked for her id. that's when the mom tried to grab her son away and allegedly attacked the teacher. she is charged with felony battery. our election coverage continues as florida voters cask their votes today. >> hillary clinton is hoping for a big win. a large victory over bernie sanders could
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>> reporter: the primary in florida is not shaping up to be very competitive. but hillary clinton will be here tonight likely because of the state's importance in a general election. a lot of politics is about location. hillary clinton leading bernie sanders by double digits in florida. south florida is among the bluest parts of the state. winning here and getting people out to vote will be key to winning a general nomation. the polls have been wrong, especially when sanders scored an upset win in michigan. sanders is planning to hold a rally tonight in arizona. >> we continue to monitor
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at a polling place. it's slow. so far no issues there. but a different story for voters in orange county where they have been complaints they have been running out of ballots. people have been going to the polls and waiting and they don't come and they have had to leave. we'll be monitoring the situation and bring you updates. florida is a winner take all state, so that makes tonight especially important. >> a look at the delegates up for grabs tonight. and how they'll shape the race going forward. >> reporter: these are the five states we're talking about. all casting bloods today. each of them all have important delegates attached. for the republicans, two big winner take all states tonight. one of those is florida. you can see the
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all of 99. the other wig one is up here in ohio. republicans 66 at stake. here's where we stand right now. on the democratic side hillary clinton has twelve 35 to bernie sanders' 580. even though marco rubio and john kasich are well back in the count, they are hoping to win their respective states of florida and ohio so they could keep donald trump from getting to 1237. that would lead to a brokered convention, and that would mean the delegates vote at the convention to pick the nominee.
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more than 85% of american voters it happened. >> okay. [ laughter ] and there's no telling what else is going to happen after the polls close. that's why we're staying on the air tonight. our live team coverage resumes at 7:00 on if you can't join us online, turn to work rdq at 8:00 when the last polls close here in florida. then at 10:00, live on channel 9 to review those results and get reaction from the candidates. a wrong-way driver who killed a man in a crash
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on the road at all. >> field sutton started asking past. and he's had problems with his driver's license for more than a decade. >> reporter: that is on top of several criminal convictions. he had four license suspensions. and all of them were in place when he got on the road last night and hit a taxi. records indicate 44-year-old fernando clementi iii has had problems with his license since at least 24 hour. his license was suspended in connection with a drug case. he was convicted of trafficking and methamphetamine, and since then three more fractions leading to suspension and leaving him with no valid license when troopers say he hit the road with a bottle. hennessey behind the wheel. >> there's a lot of traffic at 3:00 am because of the tourist area. so we don't know how long
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but don't expect that he was on there too long because of all the traffic . clementi was dead, and so was a local cabdriver who was sober and obag the traffic laws. >> by the time your brain reactions, you only second, and that's not enough time. >> reporter: investigators are still interviewing witnesses, including anchor jamie holmes who saw the mini-van on his way to work. it looked like the driver made an intentional decision to drive toward oncoming traffic the family is still trying to process what happened last night and the accusations against him.
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sent to the wrong addresses . >> close to one million green cards are distributed each year in the u.s. are they going to the right people? a new report finds hundreds of cards were mailed to the wrong addresses, leading to concerns they could be sold or used fraudulently. >> this continual theme comes up that we're checking all these visas. and wean that process has broke own down thousands of times. >> reporter: green cards allow immigrants to become legal residents, allowing them to live, work, and buy property. they can apply to become citizens after 5 years. officials testified in front of the senate homeland security committee on capitol hill where they blamed the software system
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>> we were using an antiquated development process. >> reporter: immigration and customs enforcement director says the system has been charged three times and is now working. the report says it will take an additional four years and almost $1 billion more to bring the system completely up-to-date. florida's program offering tax breaks to hollywood film makers expired last week. even fewer films will be shot in the sunshine state. last year the film commission says we lost $650 million in income from movies that were not shot here . florida-paced stories were all shot in other states who offer local tax breaks. what the university needs
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reality. >> spring breakers are packing the beaches in volusia county. >> reporter: coming up i'll show you what one parent recorded that has them and deputies so upset. >> bring break, 91 degrees here in downtown orlando today.
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a man was so outraged, he got the attention of deputies. he recorded this video of that driver passing a stopped school bus which could cost you up to the
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county wide issue. >> reporter: this guy had enough. he sat at the corner as >> there's three. >> reporter: he then sent the video of what he calls a regular current to the sheriff's office. >> this is education or a distraction issue? >> a little bit of both. more so on the distraction nowadays. everything has become a distraction issue. >> reporter: both directions of traffic have to stop. if there are more than two lanes, both directions still have to stop. they have a raised median and a pedestrian walkway. only these drivers would have to stop for it, not the drivers on the opposite side. but deputies and concerned parents aren't even
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stop by the bus. >> you either have a child of your own, your family has a child, or your neighbors have children running around. that's how we take care of our own. >> reporter: our coverage caught drivers illegally passing buses, which could cost you up to $265 and a criminal citation. they say many drivers behave when they see deputies. but it has them frustrated enough, they plan to get more eyes on bus stops around the county without warning. >> when they get the citation, that's an education in itself. >> this has been an ongoing issue. last august state lawmakers addressed. right now
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caught passing a stopped bus is if an officer sees it happen. video of the cars passing the school buses is really something you have to say for yourself. we posted the entire clip on our mobile news app. just click on the video section. emergency crews are preparing for major flooding to reach busy interstate 10. heavy rain left entire communities submerged. in texas the governor has declared a state of disaster in more than a dozen counties. rise. we don't want nobody to come up and -- we really don't want to leave our homes. we're scared to do that. >> in deweyville texas, the
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near 35 feet, breaking a 130-year-old record. funds central florida uses to prepare for natural disasters the president wants to cut nearly 50% of those funds from his 2017 budget. >> if this cut is implemented, tell affect the work we're doing in trying to protect the homeland. >> the white house has proposed adding $100 million in new grants for preparedness the city can apply for. what we really need is rain. we've been seeing the fires kick up. >> we need to reverse this pattern, and we're going to do that. we'll get some rain and cool things down. but we have to
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we had 91 here at the station. 89 officially in downtown. and at the airport, still 89 degrees. temperatures now with that westerly flow, keeping that sea breeze offshore, and it is downright hot for this time of the year. fires have been another issue. some of these were controlled. they got out of controlled. we have had some brush fire. the combination, shoek plumes blowing downwind. and with some sea fog developing, we may have additional issues, especially in our western zones tonight for some areas of smog. we'll be watching out for that. orlando very comfortable tonight. 78 degrees at 8:00. that's our average high. temperatures very, very mild ucf campus, a quick warming trend between 9:00 and 11:00. jumping 10 degrees, back into the 80s for daytime highs tomorrow.
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another fantastic beach day all the way up and down the coast tomorrow. presently the best start to a bring break weather-wise that i can remember. usually we have a front, rain, cold water. none of that this year. the water is still cool but that's average. temperatures tomorrow, close to 90 again, three days in a row, including thursday. we head toward friday afternoon, maybe as early as thursday afternoon, more likely friday and saturday. and next week behind it, a rather substantial cold front. we're gonna start spring with some cooler temperatures. i do see a substantially cooler week. 73 degrees. here's your 5-day forecast.
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better chance for late-day showers on the east coast on thursday. here comes our rain chance. 40, 50, and 30. higher numbers. and we need some rain. we've been checking at polling places that ran out of ballots in orange county, and no word on whether the governor will allow the polls to stay open later. >> i think it's very, very poor planning. >> asking elections officials about what they will do. and the top candidates starting to weigh in on the ballot problem. >> detectives caught two suspected home burglars wanted
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spring break is in full swing, and there's a big influx of people hitting the sand in daytona beach. drinking has been a big problem this year. >> reporter: the officers that are out here know all the tricks these spring breakers play. we've seen folks that we were riding with on the beach stopping to talk to some spring breakers there. theyor their toe -- they are on their toes because this year the crowds are a lot bigger. >> a big crowd influx this year. we think it may have to do with panama city shutting down -- implementing their alcohol regulations. >> reporter: today captain
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they searched for spring breaker law breaker. volusia county did huge tourism numbers last year but could be on track to top the people who came in 2015, almost a tenth of florida's total tourist traffic. here not all visitors are upfront with police. this young man landed in cuffs after trying to give a fake name. and they're trying to be as nice as they can enforcing the law. that young man, they uncuffed him, did not arrest him but he did get a fine for drinking when all his other friends who told the truth just got a warning. >> you can see more by going to
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international space station is now ready to be launched into space. it is now atop an atlas 5 rocket. the rocket is expected to blast off tuesday. orange county had a half dozen precincts that ran out of ballots. and leaders are requesting the governor let the polls stay open later. >> what frontrunner donald trump is now saying about that ballot shortage and other possible voter problems in florida. >> and the expect governor is expected
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the big night is finally here. many of you have already cast your ballots in the primaries to nominate one of these candidates. many residents didn't even have a ballot to cast. >> it's disturbing to find out they've run out of ballots. >> reporter: all ice are on orange county as leaders try to make up for the mess. and we were at several locations today where voters were so upset they left without voting buzz they couldn't afford to wait around for a ballot. >> the governor still has not extended polling hours for voters in orange county. so polls still close at 7:00 pm except for the panhandle. we have is a team of reporters working through the problems in orange county, and more teams staffed around the state trying get reaction from candidates in florida to watch tonight's results come in. mike manzoni has been on the phone with the
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what is the office telling you? >> reporter: they told me that they say the numbers on the order forms that went to the printer got mixed up. and because so many people did not have a chance to vote, they have asked the governor to extend the deadline from 7:00 to 8:00 pm. and right now they are still waiting at the elections office to hear back from the governor. after we heard from several angry voters -- >> came up and they said no ballot. confidence up for sure. >> reporter: we went straight to orange county elections supervisor, bill kouls, for answers. >> why didn't anyone catch this before today? >> that's something that's gonna have to be looked into. the order was made, nobody obviously compared from the original order to the order that went to the printer. >> reporter: he told me he's not sure exactly who is but he says no one counted the


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